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Our Mission

We dream of building a company that makes meaningful, impactful change in people’s lives. One that delivers a suite of products that supports people living their best lives. Products that will change how people sleep. Products that empower us all to harness the true potential of our own cognition. Products that provide boundless natural energy, libido, and freedom from pain.

Our mission at Circadian Wellness is to help people realize their bodies ultimate greatness.

Read About Our Functional Mushroom Products

Our Flagship Products

Through the proprietary extraction process brought to us by our partners, our products are unmatched when it comes to unlocking the limitless health benefits of mushrooms that have been around for eons.

Launching in 2022

Eons Dissolvable Tablets

With Eons, Less is More.

Through innovative and powerful Quicksome™ Technology, we're able to deliver a new product which gives greater effects, with a fraction of the dosage required. Eons for:

Products Coming Soon...

Eons for Energy

Eons for Pain

Eons for Drive

Eons for Life

Launching in 2022

Eons Relief Ointment

Delivered via Airless Pump

Chagas Mushroom Extract, CBD, & Ashwagandha Root

Launching in 2022

Eons Mushroom Coffee

Start your day the right way.

With advanced formulation, experience the benefit of mushroom coffee.

  • Promotes Energy Naturally

  • Supports Mental Clarity & Focus

  • Enhances Physical Performance

  • Combats Stress & Anxiety

  • Compliments Weight Management

  • Enhances Mood & Wellbeing

Launching in 2022

Eons Gummies

Easy Input. Better Output.

Harness the natural healing power of functional mushrooms for your wellbeing with Eons gummies.

Feel the Difference

We are leaders in the innovative functional mushroom, health and wellness space. We unlock the power of mushrooms using new innovations; naturally, safely and more effectively than ever before.

We work to amplify the natural effectiveness of our mushroom products to solve contemporary problems. That’s why we’ve licensed Quicksome™, a revolutionary solubilizing technology that creates a substance that is more easily absorbed and processed by the body. Thanks to this process, our products and their natural ingredients can be administered more precisely, require lower doses and fewer active ingredients and are able to enter the body more rapidly and effectively.

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