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Unique Delivery. Better Product.

Circadian Wellness focuses on mushroom farming, extraction and one-of-a-kind delivery methods with the highest bioavailability. Since inception, research breakthroughs have made our licensed proprietary Quicksome™ delivery system scalable commercially due to its low cost, high purity mushroom extracts and isolates. Extracting from the flowering body rather than the mycelium ensures the best quality and higher potency.

Circadian Difference

True Healing Comes From Nurturing the Body and the Mind

At Circadian Wellness, we believe that natural healing is about taking control of everything that goes in your body. There is no better way to positively impact the circadian rhythm of the body than with products naturally derived from the earth. Every year billions of dollars are spent with big Pharma and we are determined to show people there is a safer, healthier and more sustainable way to reach their desired goals.

Cir-ca-di-an  [ /sərˈkādēən/ ]
adjective (a.) PHYSIOLOGY
Pertaining to rhythmic biological cycles recurring in 24-hour intervals.

The Circadian Wellness Advantage

Powered by Quicksome™


Increased Efficacy

Rapid Dissolve

Precision Dosing

No Pills


Circadian Wellness Strategic Highlights

  • Deep understanding of the human circadian rhythm

  • Extensive formulation and molecule specific R&D

  • Wholly owned fungi cultivation farm in old growth forest located on Vancouver Island

  • World class extraction expertise

  • Ongoing clinical R&D

  • Proprietary and patented Quicksome™ manufacturing process

  • Direct-to-consumer CW nutraceutical product

  • Specialized wellness clinics and retreats

  • Ongoing formulation R&D, product development and optimization for maximum human wellness impact

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Market Opportunity

Unprecedented Opportunity to Impact Human Health


Projected to reach
USD 722.49 Billion by 2027
CAGR 8.3%


Projected to reach
USD 5.32 Billion by 2026
CAGR 13.2%

Functional Mushrooms

Projected to reach
USD 62 Billion by 2023
CAGR 7.95%

Assets & Strategic Partners

Fungi Cultivation Farm | Vancouver Island

  • 33 acres with old growth land

  • 40,000 sqft processing facility

Dancing tiger health | Proprietary formulations

  • 10 unique wellness formulations

  • Peak Human research & development

MVMD Patented Quicksome™ Delivery Technology

  • Proprietary multi-stage liposomal formulations & manufacturing method

  • Encapsulation and formulation of active ingredients into highly efficient first-in-class product formats

Medical Clinic with 10,000+ patients

  • Research and human trials

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