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November 25, 2020
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Meet Our Team

Jeff is a seasoned entrepreneur with active roles in vibrant and diverse businesses including co-founder and advisor to Mountain Valley MD and business development advisor to Beattie’s Distilleries. Jeff has founded numerous innovative enterprises and is a seasoned adviser across the global medicinal cannabis market.  Jeff has extensive plant knowledge and business expertise across the health and wellness industry with a recent focus on functional mushroom based nutraceutical products. Jeff is a co founder of Circadian Wellness

Jeffrey Dignard

- Leadership Team

Anita has extensively worked in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical space; conducting research and development and quality assurance with companies such as Apotex, Philip Environmental, Radient Technologies and Actlabs. Anita is the founder of the National Health Show the served as the CEO of Telecare Health and Online Hearing (Public companies) and has also served on the boards of multiple public companies such as Microlab Online, and Jetcom

Anita Insanalli,
B.Sc., CET

- Leadership Team

Peter is a chemical engineering grad who early in his career chose to become a lawyer.  Most of his past 30 years has been spent financing, commercializing, licensing, and distributing new technologies, taking companies public, handling corporate compliance, managing growing pains, preparing and negotiating contracts.  He has also been a co-founder, early stage contributor and board member in numerous businesses including cannabis, retail, fintech, media-entertainment, and marketing-promotions.

Peter Touvi

- Leadership Team

Dr. Banerjee is a family physician with a special interest in addictions and chronic pain. She has been involved in several global health projects and her practice includes public health work, palliative care and home visits, domestic violence committee office as well as duties as a Regional Coroner. Dr. Banerjee is currently a lead physician at Kennedy medical centre. In recognition of her outstanding contributions to family medicine and exemplary patient care, she received the the 2015 Regional Family Physician of the Year for Mississauga-Halton and Central West regions Award.

Dr. Lopita Banerjee,

- Leadership Team

Monica is a founder of one of Canada’s top events & marketing agencies, The Concierge Club, a certified WeConnect International woman owned business. Monica has over a decade of experience with marketing Fortune 500 brands across Canada. The Concierge Club is best known for being the go to agency for delivering a premium experience, B2B and B2C. Monica is a co-founder of Circadian Wellness Corp and the force behind creating the brand.

Monica Gomez

- Leadership Team

Dr. Sanjeev Goel is the lead physician at Kennedy medical centre for past 20+ years in Brampton,  founder of PEAK HUMAN anti-aging and regenerative medicine practice,  founder of Spark medical cannabis clinics - (acquired in 2019). Dr. Goel believes that we should have have access to the best medical and health technologies available. Prior to Peak Human, he developed the largest patient health portal in Canada called midash ( and hosted the first ever Biohacker Summit in Toronto (Oct 2018) bringing culture, technology and health together. He is passionate about a holistic approach to wellness and has done training in Anti-Aging, Integrative and Regenerative Medicine. He advocates a healthy lifestyle centred around a plant based diet, focused physical activity and enhancing mental resilience.

Dr. Sanjeev Goel,

- Leadership Team

As head of design at Umbra, Paul created innumerable successful designs, while managing diverse internal and external design teams. Umbra produced a prolific flow of innovative and award winning product under Paul’s visionary leadership. Paul now devotes most of his time to the design community speaking regularly to both students and professors of design. His decades of experience and his knowledge of the design world today give him unique insight into its future the Telecommunication space.

Paul  Rowan

- Advisory Board

Mike is the Director of Life Sciences at Mountain Valley MD, a leading biotech company.  With an extensive background in biochemistry, Mike has focused his science work primarily in the area of novel delivery systems across nutraceuticals, vaccines and pharmaceuticals. Mike’s work over the last two decades has led to his authoring over a hundred patents (both pending and approved) and the invention of Quicksome™, an advanced liposome technology that utilizes an advanced 2-step encapsulation and desiccation process . The main focus of this work has been to improve the bioavailability of compounds to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and convenience.

Mike Faber

- Advisory Board

Dennis is the President & CEO of Mountain Valley MD, an innovative biotech and life sciences company centred around the implementation of its patented Quicksome™ oral drug formulation and delivery technologies. Dennis spent more than 12 years in a leadership role at one of North America’s leading performance improvement and Loyalty providers, Maritz, who works with 70% of the world’s Super 50 companies.  Dennis has extensive public market leadership experience and was a senior officer at ZENN Motor Company.

Dennis Hancock

- Advisory Board

Prior to joining the Circadian team, Alex was the Co Founder and VP of Business Development for - the largest cbd e-com platform in North America - responsible for the company’s sales and operations, including end-to-end management of supply chain, sales activities, and service and support in the market. He brings over 12 years of experience in sales and business development within regulated industries and refined his time in cannabis , alcohol and liquor sales & marketing. He also co-founded Cannara Biotech, Quebec’s largest Indoor Cannabis company, and played a key role in raising over $60 million in cannabis space IPOs. Alex is an accomplished business leader and biohacking enthusiast recognized for his ability to build key relationships.

Alex Wolfe

- Advisory Board

Mike is the founder and CEO of M2 Group, a boutique private equity investment firm specializing in retail and wholesale distribution of international fashion brands such as Pandora Jewlery (Copenhagen Denmark) and Tous Jewlery (Barcelona, Spain) along with a few other proprietary brands. 15+ years of experience managing consumer brands with annual turnover in his group of over $50M in revenues. Mike has shifted this experience into the E-Comm, B2B sector with much success while allowing the M2 Group portfolio to diversify and grow.

Mike Wainstock

- Advisory Board

Geoffrey has been a long time serial entrepreneur and multi-tasker in the start up space focusing digital technology, robotics, medical research and science. He is also co founder and President of Beatties Distillers Inc. , now an award winning world class distillery and international spirits brand. In addition, Geoffrey is the senior advisor to Mannin Research Inc. and a private medical research company which has committed to date approximately $20m to the early stage development of a treatment for glaucoma and other vascular therapeutics. Mannin is a multiple patent holder of novel medical inventions and therapeutics with operations in Canada, The U.S. and Germany.

Geoffrey Smith

- Advisory Board

Marcee is a creative director and branding expert. She spent most of her career building brands at international advertising agencies like McCann Erikson and J. Walter Thompson where she was Creative Director, Vice President. During her 13 years at J.W.T. she created award-winning campaigns for clients like Kellogg's, Unilever and Kraft. Twenty years ago Marcee struck out on her own to start a branding consultancy. She prefers to work with Canadian entrepreneurs and also donates time and expertise to not-for-profits. Her current passion is the creation of a cultural exchange between artisans in Canada and Colombia.

Marcee Ruby

- Advisory Board

Clinton is an experienced entrepreneur with over 15+ years in Running Telecomrelated companies.  Clinton is the CEO and co founder of Connectit Telecommunication and leads an extensive sales team who is focused on Enterprise Solutions across the telecommunication space.Clinton was  a co founder and COO of MobileIt Canada Communications, a firm with 100+ technicians and sales personal, that was groomed for a multi-million dollar acquisition.

Clinton Belsher

- Advisory Board
Troy Hancock, Advisory Board - Circadian Wellness

Troy is the founder of Creative Loft, an innovative digital design agency focussed on helping companies bring their brands to life across online mediums.  With a diverse client base across product, lifestyle and professional services, Troy has extensive experience helping companies connect their brand message in B2B and B2C environments.  Troy also manages the Digital Communications assets for Mountain Valley MD, a leading biotech and life science company.  Troy is educated in entrepreneurial business studies with Ryerson University in Toronto.

Troy Hancock

- Advisory Board

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