Cultivation Farm

Circadian Wellness's Unique Cultivation Farm.

Sitting on 33 acres of old growth forest located in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island, we will be cultivating, extracting, processing, and distributing high quality mushrooms.

Our team has already inoculated dozens of Douglas fir trees with lions mane, agarikon, cordyceps and other various functional mushrooms. Located on an area often called Canada's Banana Belt, Greater Qualicum Beach averages over 2,000 hours of sunshine and an annual precipitation average of over 35 cm. Here, rare functional mushrooms thrive year round.

World Leading Facility.

True Healing Comes From Nurturing the Body and the Mind

Circadian Wellness property in Qualicum Beach will be home to a world class laboratory and research facility for cultivation, mycoremediation (the science of using mushrooms to neutralize toxins and environmental pollutants) and medicinal research projects. The laboratory is being constructed to GMP and CFI standards and houses more than 200 species of fungi, most of them native isolates from the Eastern North America.

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