What is a DC?

I am often asked what a DC degree is as many have not heard about it.  Actually, there are many professional or doctoral degrees that many people do not recognize.

DC stands for “Doctorate of Chiropractic,” a degree that is earned by Chiropractic Physicians upon successful completion of their chiropractic curriculum and practicum.

Chiropractic Physicians have a curriculum very similar to other health professionals.  However, all emphases of medicine take a slightly different approach as they are specializing in a certain aspect of health.

Below is a list of doctoral degrees:

  • DC – Doctor of Chiropractic
  • MD – Doctor of Medicine
  • DO – Doctor of Osteopathy
  • DPT – Doctor of Physicial Therapy
  • DDS – Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • DMD – Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • OD – Doctor of Optometry
  • ND – Doctor of Naturopathy
  • JD – Juris Doctor
  • PharmD – Doctor of Pharmacology
  • PhD – Doctor of Philosophy

This webpage will give you a visual of how a DC degree compares to that of an MD.  However, it is important to note that medical physicians will specialize in one aspect of the body whereas chiropractic physicians will take a more holistic approach to health.


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