Western Medicine Philosophy

The paradigm is changing…

In one of my recent courses at the University (as I am currently pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience), the topic of Western Medicine philosophy came up.  The topic arose due to some medical statistics.  Can you believe my shock when my instructor stated what he called the Philosophy of Western Medicine:

“How much can we poison you to kill the thing that is ailing you without actually killing you?”

You see… he gets it!  Many are starting to get it.  Western Medicine has minimal understanding of holistic healing.  Instead, everything is viewed from a “reductionist” viewpoint with little thought about what effects can occur globally.  More faith is put into man-made pharmaceuticals instead of in the miracle of our own bodies and the healing power of nutrition – nature’s apothecary.

Need I remind you that Hippocrates, the “Father of Medicine” stated, “Let food be thy medicine, and thy medicine thy food.”  He understood that the miracles of biochemistry that our bodies can utilize is provided for us.  Roots, leaves, and fruit of plants provide healing chemicals far more powerful than most pharmaceuticals.  I could demonstrate this with the research that I am currently performing – and will one day when it is published.

Research nutrition.  Research healing.  Discover more about your health so that you can learn how to manage and keep it.

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