We first got our TykeToter about 1 month ago.  I am impressed with the product, customer service, and warranty.  The product is manufactured very sturdy and it comes with a lifetime warranty.  I feel confident that if anything were to happen to the TykeToter, I could receive the necessary help to get me riding with my kids again.

The most impressive aspect of the TykeToter was how much my boys took to it.  At first, there was some apprehension, but once they began to ride with me, they had so much fun that I basically had to pry them off – they wanted more and more.  Less than 5 minutes later, I was surprised at how they would all compete for a ride on the TykeToter!

The installation was quick and easy. The TykeToter was out of the box and working as a child seat on my bike in under 5 minutes.



I recommend the TykeToter.  It is an excellent way to bond with your child while you get outdoors, enjoy nature, and get some exercise.  And it comes at a very affordable price of $99.99, plus free shipping!  They are gaining in such popularity that they are selling all over the world.

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