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Halloween Monster Eyes

Halloween Monster Eyes

My boys are getting pretty excited for Halloween.  My kindergartener is excited for the big Halloween parade at his elementary school, my preschooler is excited to collect candy, and my one-year-old does not care – he just wants to wear his shoes.  He loves shoes.  No costumes have been solidified, although I have to admit that I am loving this costume idea.  The boys will probably dress up as a little bit of everyone and everything.  Something like Spiderman with Buzz Lightyear wings, clown wigs, and pirate patches.  I’ll be sure to share some pictures.

Halloween Monster eyes are one of our favorite sugar-free Halloween meal traditions.  To make your very own Halloween Monster Eyes, simply hard boil and egg and allow it time to cool.  Once the egg has cooled, peel off the outer shell and cut your egg in half vertically.  Top your egg with a slice of olive and your Halloween Monster Eyes are ready to be enjoyed.  Yum!

Here are some fun sugar-free ways to enjoy Halloween:

And in case you missed it – we posted our favorite Pumpkin Gingerbread Pancakes with Homemade Syrup this week.  Have a Happy weekend!

Kitchen Craft: Butterfly Snacks

Kitchen Craft:  Butterfly Snacks

Snack time is fun.

But sometimes my little kiddos want to eat simply because they are bored.  Not a healthy habit.  When I know that my kids are not absolutely hungry, we turn our I-want-a-snack-because-I-am-bored-moments into craft time.  And crafting with food is the best thing for little fingers.  Butterfly snacks are fun to make, deliver to friends, and they are awesome preschool snacks.

First you are going to start with your favorite healthy cereal, clothespins, pipe cleaners, zip lock bags, and paint.  Let those little fingers paint your clothespins with their favorite paint or decorate with glitter pins… or a little bit of both.  Go wild.

Then you are going to partially fill a ziploc bag with cereal.  Remove any excess air and seal.

Fold the ziploc bag in half with the seal facing backwards.  Position the dry-paint-clothespin in the middle of the bag – cinching the bag and creating a butterfly shape.  Add your pipe cleaner antennas – and enjoy.


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