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  • How To:  Make Baby Formula with Goat's Milk
    How To: Make Baby Formula with Goat’s Milk
    Damaris at Kitchen Corners has an awesome recipe for homemade infant formula and so does Lindsay over at Passionate Homemaker with her Natural Goat’s Milk Formula.  To make my baby formula, I mixed the two of them together, tweaked things around, and created a formula that helps feed […]...
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  • HOW TO:  Sugar-Free Minimalist Easter Baskets
    HOW TO: Sugar-Free Minimalist Easter Baskets
    The words “sugar-free” and “minimalist” are rarely seen together when it comes to Easter Baskets.  There are so many sugary treats out there and there are way too many little toys to occupy little hands for a day or two… or twenty minutes if I’m unlucky. 2014 […]...
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  • Wellness Reads
    Wellness Reads
    There are so many awesome resources on the internet written by amazing people.  It is helpful to know that by our little “drops” of change, we can make create big positive “waves” in regards to our health.  At times, healthy habits can feel daunting.  Where does one […]...
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  • Miracle Garlic
    Miracle Garlic
    I love garlic!  Are you like me?  I usually triple or quadruple the amount of garlic in any recipe.  It is tasty, and the health benefits are amazing! Garlic has often been termed “miracle garlic.”  A major key to garlic’s health benefits is one of at least […]...
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  • Vaccine Challenge - $1M for 1000 vaccines
    Vaccine Challenge – $1M for 1000 vaccines
    I have covered vaccines a lot lately… but this is an important contemporary health concern.  Did you know that your child today receives 3x the amount of vaccinations by 6 months of age than the mother did by age 18? As I have mentioned before, vaccinations are […]...
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  • Catastrophic Health Insurance
    Catastrophic Health Insurance
    Check out my recent publication on health insurance at the Natural News Blog....
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  • Addiction Research - Biomarkers
    Addiction Research – Biomarkers
    It has been a busy summer!  I hope that through all of the fun activities you have done this summer, each of you have been continuing to take steps to a healthier you! I am excited to share this video with you.  This is a presentation that […]...
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  • Geocaching - Va"Cache"ion
    Geocaching – Va”Cache”ion
    We are having a summer family va”cache”ion! Have you ever geocached before?  If not, you need to try it.  All you need is a Smartphone with a GPS or a GPS unit.  From there, setup a FREE account at or some other geocaching site and find […]...
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  • Medical Doctor Nutrition Education
    Medical Doctor Nutrition Education
    Some aspects of modern medicine has its place and timing, especially in emergency situations.  Our modern societal viewpoint on health is far from recognizing the wondrous healing powers of the body.  Most individuals widely overlook the wholesome raw materials of nutrition – raw food, organic produce, and […]...
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  • An Apple a Day...
    An Apple a Day…
    An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This simple statement about apples continues to be proven time and time again.  The reason? Well, apples are packed full of nutrients – even some nutrients that we do not have names for!  In fact, fruits and vegetables have […]...
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